GASCAT is delivering nine Filters to Jaguatirica II Power Plant trought Techint Argentina order and total technical specification and vendor list made by Eneva Brazil. The Power Plant has 132,3 MW capacity and will operate with Liquified Natural Gas transported by trucks from Manaus (Amazon) until Roraima. All this is due to the urgency in reduce the local electrical energy international dependence.

The filters are 12” of inlet and outlet flanges with 24” body DN and majority class 300# and some of the Duplex type. These filters are for the recovery boilers coolers  and the others for pump refrigerated water circuit. Also basket filters for solid particles in Natural Gas suspension.

The water filters have been designed to work from 2.000 to 13.000 m3/day and temperatures from -29 to  +215 Celsius; and Duplex Basket Filters for Natural Gas are designed to work with 390.000 m3/day and temperatures from -29 to +65 Celsius. They have been designed and built following ASME VIII div 1 and welding and welders qualified as per ASME IX.

All welding were x rayed and US inspected. The total fabrication included non-destructive tests made on own filters. According also with local and Brazilian legislation NR 13.