The GASCAT flow laboratory accredited by Inmetro in RBC – Brazillian Network of Calibration is available to do the metrological seal according to ordinance 400/2013 in every turbine and rotary flow meters,  getting the AC level – Available Company.

With this authorization, the GASCAT Laboratory, in addition to having the CAL 0679 and CRL 1367 seals in compliance with the ISO / IEC 17025 standard, can also seal the flow meters in Brazil Territory, which service is now performed internally with greater efficiency and lower cost.

This recent achievement enables GASCAT to serve all natural gas fiscal metering industry with following services:


Initial Verification Service

Mandatory to all new meters before commissioning, by issuing the Declaration of Conformity and placing the metrological seal with a maximum validity of 5 years according to OIML R137;


Periodic Verification Service

To be performed in two cases:

  1. In unused expired sealed meters after verification of their operation by issuing only the Declaration of Conformity, keeping the original seal. If the seal is expired, the meter will be considered new and the service will be classified as Initial Verification;
  2. In used meters, after disassembly for evaluation, cleaning and possible adjustment, the Declaration of Conformity is issued and the 5-year GASCAT metrological seal is placed;


Calibration Service

It can be done on any flow meter / totalizer after metrological standards assessment, where all LF and HF pulse sensors are tested. At the end is issued Certificate of Calibration (RBC) and pasted seal Inmetro CAL. The metrological seal of the instrument is maintained.


Repair and Maintenance Service

GASCAT is prepared to service and service flow meter maintenance - rotary and turbine - from leading manufacturers, including supply and replacement of defective / damaged components.


All these services are performed within GASCAT's facilities in Indaiatuba, SP, which is 19 km from Viracopos Airport, which also simplifies and streamlines all customer service logistics throughout Brazil.