Through our Indonesia Distributor PT Algas Mitra Sejati; Gascat has been supplied monthly many Axial Flow Pressure Regulators model Horus class 300# and class 600# during last two years. The end customer is the main Indonesia Gas Transport Company  “Pertamina Gas”. Particularly these Pressure Regulators  will be installed on Kuala Tanjung; Noth Sumatera (Indonesia). Horus Pressure Regulators has been supplied for many others places talking only about Indonesia as per example in many Pressure and Metering Station in Bakrie.

Pressure Regulator with Axial Flow have many preferences in several countries due to its low sound level even without noise abatement device inside together with high flow capacities due it axial flow design. They also have minimum necessity of spare parts stock due its long durability and low quantity of pieces to complete the regulator. The quantity of internals are much lower than piston “Top Entry” regulator and much more durability than “Boot Type” regulator.