In continuity of itīs expansion plan at the International Market Gascat will send this week Security Safety Shutoff  Ø12” with 450 Kg (992lbs)  for increase and decrease in pressure to Indonesia. This an interesting case since is a famous industry of coffee roasting. The company Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of Aroma Coffee a big producer and roasting of Arabic and Robusta types of Indoneisa Coffee. The Gas transpost company is the famous Pertamina Gas a traditional Gascat customer with Argos Regulator(Top Entry) and Horus Regulator (Axial flow).

Coffee is one of the top commodities in Indonesia. As a tropical region, Indonesia has a wide sector of coffees agriculture. There are two types of coffee that produced by Indonesian farmers, that is arabica and robusta.   Besides that, coffee already become a part of lifestyles among youngster these days. With so many coffee aromas in Indonesia, we can recognize typical Indonesian coffee aroma with the smell.