GASCAT is replacing all Natural Gas Combustion Trains coming from China belonging operating at the Rotary Furnaces for Pellets fabrications at Vallourec Company (Steel Plant) in Minas Gerais/ Brazil. These furnaces never had a good performance due to these trains that also cause an accident with victimless accident. These pellets are a combination with coal grains and raw iron dust and  goes direct to the Blast Furnaces for oxygen reduction.

These photos are from the tenth system suppled to this company. This process started two years ago for this giant furnace with four floors and forty meters as diameter. Approximately 60 burners.

The most important equipments at this stations are:

  • Pressure Regulator Brise Plus with safety shutoff incorporated manufactured by GASCAT.
  • Shutoff Electropneumatic  Valves made by Khume (Germany) represented in Brazil by GASCAT.

The operation conditions are

  • Inlet pressure: 0,9 bar
  • Control pressure: 130 mbar
  • Flow: 800 Nm3/h
  • Media: Natural Gas

All system of automatic shutoff is made in less than 1s.

There is automation panel for control and input/output signal of temperature; pressure and Gas leak concerning the shutoff valves connected to the PLC.

This panel does all combustion system following Brazilian Standards NBR 12313 and European Standards as EN 161

The equipment has one panel for each Combustion Train and able the local by handling the buttons  and remote leak test as per NBR 12313 version 2000.

The automation system is responsible for the combustion trains start up only after successful  leak tests confirmation automatically made.

All signing is made by LEDs installed at  front door panels with operators easy identification guarantying the system operational with the major and all standards security.  

The leak system developing by GASCAT fulfill the NBR 12313. Version 2000 and all NR!) recommendation and also have already implemented with Industry concept 4.0