The British government this week put forward hydrogen as a key element in its plans for a transition to a low-carbon economy. Last month, energy minister Kwasi Kwarteng presented a £90 million ($116 million) package he said was intended to cut carbon emissions in industry and homes, in line with the U.K’s aim of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The "K" plan brings new Hydrogen Combustion Generators as main protagonist of this plan. The GASCAT and partners F&T Pipeline and Zennegy International have been supplied Gas Stations for Hydrogen Generators until flows of 2500 Nm3/h.

The most useful regulators for this application is Domus Pressure Regulators totally in stainless steel to be compactible with Hydrogens  as monitor and active action.  All them tested with Hydrogen Gas at Indaiatuba plant.

The GASCAT and partners have been relevant participation on this market with Domus Pressure Regulator and others models all tested with Hydrogen Gas.