The importance of measurement accuracy and the correct sizing of a gas flow meter for a given application are already our old acquaintances. What not everyone knows is that maintaining tight control in the periodicity of meter maintenance can mean significant savings for the distributing gas company and a fair measurement for both sides, customer and supplier.  A meter may apparently be performing a correct measurement, making a silent measurement and without apparent anomalies, but it can be a source of damage when some basic operating aspect is affected, whether by some wear, contamination, fouling or even, the meter is working outside the validity of its metrological check.

By having a basic meter maintenance system, the Natural gas transportation or distribution company passes to its customers and the market more credibility. The operation of natural gas meters becomes extraordinarily more reliable and cost-effective.

GASCAT Flow Laboratory, today has a technical staff, with full training and infrastructure to perform all maintenance, repair and calibration service for Rotary and Turbine meters for Natural Gas Transportation and Distribution Companies. We are constantly conducting training and interpretation of applicable standards.  We also have nationally and internationally tracked standards and strict procedures that ensure the quality of the services performed.

Today, GASCAT´s  flow laboratory has several fixed contracts for maintenance, calibration and testing of flow meters, volume meters and totalizers. These meters are the most varied brands and models existing in our market. We are serving Transportation and Distribution companies in Brazil such as SCGAS, GASMIG, ALGAS, CIGAS, COMPAGAS, CEGAS, Gás Brasiliano and NTS.