GASCAT is supplying the Governor type regulator made totally in stainless steel AISI 316L polished to operate with Biogas and H2S contaminant in high percentual.

Pressure Regulators with low inlet pressure and low controlled pressures are called “Governors” (British name), the main characteristic is work with very low differential pressure.

The operating conditions for this application are:

  • Inlet pressure 0,15 bar or 150 mbar
  • Outlet pressure 30 mbar
  • Process required flow was 1,284 Nm3/h

After tests at GASCAT test rigs the flow reached 2,645 nm3/h with 5% drop pressure.

We at GASCAT are very proud to be part of this new Biogas project. Biogas can be huge market in  Brazil for the next few years. The regulator was delivered to Suez Water Technology City and will be applied together the Burn Boiler System of the new Cargill unit in Bebedouro/SP city. A totally new plant to pectin production from orange skin up to 2021.

Pectin is widely useful for hundreds of products and drugs since is excellent for digestion and decrease the cholesterol.