The costumer company operate in used motor oil collection and “re-refining”. The new process to “re-refining” uses Hydrogen 99. 9 % together with catalytic process to remove all contaminants from the used oil. This process is called hydro finish or hydrotreatment and here in Brazil this new process with H2 utilization inside the costumer plant is called "H" project.

After the utilization of H2 in the chemical process it drops the purity to 93%. This H2 “poor quality” was discarted, with the GASCAT Presseru Reducing System supplier, the hydrogen “poor quality” will be burned in a boiler to generate energy to the “re-refing” oil process.

The system is composed with Slam Shut Valve model GIPS ND2" 1500# and Domus Pressure Regulator ND2" 2500# as well, it was all made in Stainless Steel AISI 304 Supplying 2400 Nm3 of hydrogen, reducing the pressure 103 bar to 2.5 bar.