The GASCAT is a supplier of high-quality gas pressure regulators maker launched last week to the upstream market (off shore platforms) a  direct spring actuated high pressure regulator.

Domus AP pressure regulators is a type of pressure regulator which is normally used in tenths of installations where there are needs of control pressure from high pressure sources.

They are particularly suitable for fluctuating gas pressure variations rates and large flow rates since its higher Kg and balanced internal valves can secure an accuracy on set pressure... GASCAT Domus AP pressure regulators ensure maximum control, with no necessity of pilots loading or unloading the dome since this is a regulator with spring direct actuated. It can secure Differential Pressure until 1,0 bar . Their constant outlet pressure ensures that the downstream processes can be controlled.

GASCAT Domus AP can accept inlet pressures up to 650 bar. The easier operation turns this regulator a multipurpose application . Very tough for maintenance uses. The sets are delivered fully assembled and tested; for Oxygen and Hydrogen uses they are particularly tested and  – and are ready to use.

GASCAT Domus AP pressure regulators  are particularly easy to install due to their compact design and easy to operate due to its hand wheal.