Force Technology provides High Pressure calibration of gas flow meters
(mainly Turbine and Ultrasonic meters)  with natural gas as medium at calibration
facility located at Vejen, Denmark. The facility is built as a closed loop with low
pressure loss and is therefore able to operate at maximum flow and maximum
pressure all the year round.

Gascat can provide to Brazilian Transportation and distribution gas companies
all technical and logistic expertise since picking up the meter on pipeline, technical
evaluation, send the meters to Force and bring it back to Brazil, up to installing
the meter back on pipeline.





ELGAS is an European company founded in 1992 to assist the requirements of
metering, processing and transmission of gas and energy.
Itis electronic volume correctors are devices designed to the gas volume convertion
under operating conditions for basic conditions and are divided by different models
to assist the necessities of each process.
It have high accuracy and stability for measuring, ATEX approval for use in areas
as Zone 0, Zone 1, Zone 2, MID approval (metrology standard EU), internal structure
totally adjustable, allowing remote updating of firmware, according to WELMEC 7.2
and display LCD. These EVC can be feeded by battery of long duration and have
options with external source, and models with incorporated modem to allow the data
collection telemetry by GSM/GPRS /SMS







The German company Elmess Thermo System Technik, founded in 1945, has
many different type of electrical heater to assist distint applications, since simple
industrial processeis where exist neccessity to heating the oil, for example,
up to complex instalations in platforms and refinaries.
The electrical heaters and control devices are developed and manufactured 
based in the specifications of the clients assuring maximum safety,
credibility and durability. It have certificates for operation in classified areas
according to ATEX 94/9/EC, IECEx, Gost and Inmetro






FMG (Flow Meter Group) is a Dutch company specialized in the development
and fabrication of metering systems for gas and energy. The Rotary and Turbine 
flow meters assist a large range of flow since 2.5 up to 6500 m³/h, in working 
pressure that changes since atmospheric pressure up to 1440 psig (100 bar).
All products by FMG assist the international standards of safety and metrology
designed for fiscal utilization, certified and are approved by NMi and the OIML.
For Brazil the meters already have Inmetro approval.






The canadian company Profire manufactures one of most modern of Burner
Management System for general combustion units as heaters, separators,
dehydrators etc, as well for heating systems utilized in E&P area.
Its updated model PF2100, assure safety and efficiency, being its main 
characteristics: quick shut down in case of flame fail, low consumption with option
of solar panel or TEG, automatic or manual turning on, safety fail and protection of
transients, easy instalation and low maintenance. It assists international standards. 





The Protectoseal has more than 85 years of experience and manufacture products
for conservation and emissions control of volatile products and for protection of 
tanks for storage in low pressure, vessels and process agains fiere and 
explosion. The product sizing is done according to API2000, NFPA
30 and OSHA 1910.106.


The complete Protectoseal line prevents of effective way the flame propagation and
the detonations os systems where are present flamable vapours and can be 
installed in pipes or directelly in the tanks.


The valve for pressure relief and vacuum in normal conditions or of safety
reduce the loss of products by vaporation, avoid product oxydation
and increase the safety of installations and people.














TMCo, founded in 2003, in Oklahoma – USA, is specialized in the production of
Single and Dual Chamber Fittings utilized in the processes of metering of 
liquid and gaseous fluids outstanding the applications in the areas of
prospection and transport of oil and gas. With robust design of 2’’ up to 16’’, in the 
classes ANSI 150 up to 600 it have few components resulting in quick and easy
maintenance, are largely utilized in the industry. The company has ISO 9001
certification to assure quality for the final product.







S.T.I.T.I., in Italy has 20 years of experience in the natural gas market,
develope and produce Quick Opening Closure assisting international standards,
assurign high quality and confidence in the final product. The QOC allow quick
access in a pressure vessel, PIG launchers and receivers and other equipment.
Manufactured in two models: Jaws type and Ring Retaining, both are supplied with
security system that avoid the opening of device while it is pressurized.






Since 1975, the italian company Zunt had produced a complete line of insulating
joints used for cathodic protection and electrical security in the biggest projects
of oil pipeline, gas pipeline and adductors in the world, as well in applications
onshore and offshore. The joints are designed, produced and tested assisting
the international standards and are available in diameters from 1/2'' up to 100'',
class ANSI 150 up to 2500. With ISO 9001 certification Zunt assures total
fulfillment of quality to its clients.